Hi, welcome to Carolina Eslon’s site

I’m a Spanish-born architect and translator with Spanish and Swedish citizenship, and several years international working experience in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain, where I live now. Spanish is my mother tongue and, additionally, I’m proficient in Swedish, German and English.

I studied architecture at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia and at TU Berlin. I have worked with different architecture and engineering offices on dwelling projects, interiors, school buildings and infrastructure, being responsible for concept design as well as for technical execution as project leader both for new buildings and on refurbishment. Besides a focus on spatial and aesthetical qualities, my main areas of interest include all aspects of the construction process, as well as the consistency between form, structure, building installations, choice of materials and construction details. You can see some of my work here.

I began to translate specialized texts in the fields of architecture and construction at the request of architect-colleagues and professors. Later, when I was working for a big engineering company, I started to carry out a great number of technical translations for international project submissions and developments. Subsequently, I started to professionalize this activity through the compilation of my own glossaries. I further consolidated my translating abilities with a Diploma as Bilingual Translator between Spanish and German, completed at Sampere School for Translators. Since then, I have also translated texts outside the fields of architecture and construction, such as financial and commercial material. Here is a list of some of my translations.

Nowadays I am active in both fields and additionally, I try, with this blog, to keep up ties with those countries where I have developed a significant part of my career, and to contribute to the diffusion of architecture and construction-related content. Apart from accepting translation and content creation commissions, as an architect I offer my services on the one hand to other offices in order to collaborate on local and international projects, and on the other hand to private customers willing to seek consultancy for refurbishment or interior design purposes. I’m experienced in the use of AutoCad, VectorWorks, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop, and also understand the basics of working with Revit.

Even though I prefer to do direct translations (DE, EN, SV > ES), I have also delivered reverse translations, such as for competitions or plan labelling. Through my international working experience I have gained enough language proficiency in order to deliver functionally correct texts with no information loss. Nevertheless, it must be noted that only direct translations into a mother tongue (Spanish, in my case) can ensure the satisfaction of high quality and stylistic standards.