Mostly,  I have translated texts from the fields of architecture, construction and civil engineering, but also commercial and financial writings, newsletters or advertising.

Some translations from Swedish into Spanish:

  • IEG Rapport 6:2008, Rev 1 -Tillämpningsdokument – EN 1997-1 Kapitel 11 och 12, Slänter och bankar (Report 6:2008 from the Committee for the adaptation of european standards, revision 1 – Application document for chapters 11 and 12 of EN 1997-1, Embankments and slopes)
  • TRVK BRO 11 (TRVR 2011:085) – (Swedish bridge design code)

Some translations from German into Spanish

  • Experimentelle Untersuchungen und numerische Verifizierung zum Frischbetondruck bei geneigten Schalungssystemen, Björn Freund, Tilo Proske, Carl Alexander Graubner (Experimental investigation and numerical verification of the pressure of fresh concrete on inclined formwork systems, Björn Freund, Tilo Proske, Carl Alexander Graubner)
  • Die Belastung von Schalung und Rüstung durch Frischbeton (Loads exerted by fresh concrete on formwork and shoring systems, Manfred Specht)

Some translations from English into Spanish:

  • Several reports on structural stability and foundations

Due to confidentiality issues, I cannot publish a complete list, since it would include internal and private company documents. All examples stated here are technical literature, regulations and public tender documents.

I have translated building and engineering plans from Spanish into Swedish, as well as descriptive texts for architectural competitions from Spanish into German. I have also translated into Swedish the urban simulation video game «twin phenomena» created by the architects arenasbasabepalacios.

Exceptionally, and thanks to the similarity between scandinavian languages and my construction knowledges, I have translated regulations and tender documents from Norwegian or Danish into Spanish, for instance:

    • Konkurransegrunnlag – Kjøp av planleggings- og prosjekteringstjenester – Kryssing av E39 Bjørnafjorden med hengebru på flytende fundament for Statens vegvesen (Tender specifications for the acquisition of planning services – Crossing of the road E39 across the Bjornafjord with a suspension bridge on floating foundations, Norwegian Road Administration)
    •  Håndbog «MMOPP dimensioneringsprogram for vejbefæstelser»- Brugervejledning (Tutorial for the software MMOPP to calculate road asphalt layers – User guide, Danish Road Administration)